With more than two-thirds of the municipality covered in lush Laurissilva forest, the element that sums up Porto Moniz is nature. However, it's the coast that really separates Porto Moniz from the rest.

Immersed in the mighty Atlantic Ocean, the natural swimming pools and their volcanic geology stand out.

Here are some of nature activities you can do:


The strong presence of endemic fauna and flora make Porto Moniz one of the most exciting places for those passionate about science and nature.

The endemic species of the Laurissilva forest, the particularities of our botany, the great conditions for birdwatching and the geodiversity are some of the attractions that bring thousands of visitors to Porto Moniz.


The municipality of Porto Moniz has a strong religious vocation, with Catholicism being the dominant faith.

There are churches in each parish, as well as several chapels where annual celebrations occur, gathering families and thousands of visitors who attend out of devotion, promise or simply to socialise.

The flower carpets are one of the most important symbols of the celebrations that take place throughout the municipality. The local parishioners collaborate by sowing and tending to their gardens so that when the time comes then can contribute their flowers. The flower carpets are the stage for the religious processions.


Nature and its sustainable relationship with local development, make it the main attraction of Porto Moniz.

Thus, adventure tourism is one of the variants where nature and adventure lovers can combine their passion.

Whether at sea or in the mountains, Porto Moniz stands out for the diversity of adventure activities that can be practised.

Take your pick and have fun in moderation.


As a rural and calm destination, Porto Moniz brings together the ideal conditions for holding conferences, congresses and work/sectorial retreats.

Groups and focus on the purpose of the event with full concentration and determination.

To this end, the Ciência Viva Centre in the heart of the village has a multi-purpose pavilion and a fully equipped conference room fitted with 120 seats.

There are 460 beds across the Municipality and restaurants with rooms capable of accommodating groups.

Fun and recreation are a part of organisational activities. Porto Moniz offers various activities that cater to any group dynamic.

Choose an activity that caters to the groups wishes.


Traditionally, Porto Moniz is a refuge for Madeiran family outings and romantic weekends. The tranquillity, gastronomy, leisure, rurality, and its natural setting allow a diverse range of offers that will meet most visitor's needs.

Along with Madeirans, Porto Moniz is a favourite destination for the thousands of tourist that visit the Island annually.

The natural and rural environment, make it a stand out family destination. The natural pools, picnics, outdoor activities, camping, gastronomy, the promenade, Aquarium, and the Ciência Viva Centre are only some of the attractions.

Explore the activities we have available.