Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

With their natural beauty and peculiar origins, theses pools are an attraction for thousands of national and international tourists alike. The water is of excellent quality and the infrastructures match the level of excellence of this beach complex.

The landscape that surrounds the pools, the panoramic views of the coast and the rugged cliffs are equally attractive.

The lounging area is approximately 3217 m2 while the swimming area is 3800 m2 and 2 metres deep, allowing around 7600 m3 of seawater into the pools.

At this rural beach, you will be able to interact with the local marine life. The average annual water temperature is between 20 and 21º C.

The pools also have a bar, changing rooms, a playground, a first aid station, sun loungers and parasols for hire and lifeguards on constant duty.

The pools are open all year round between 9 am and 5 pm during the winter and 9 am and 7 pm during the summer.

Entrance into the complex is subject to a year-round fee:

  • 3€ - Citizens over 3 years old, per entry;
  • Free - Children aged 3 and under;
  • €0.50 - Citizens with a Municipality Card with the SX, RJ or RB, PM, and AC series, per entry;
  • €1.50 - Citizens with a student card, or card 65, per entry;
  • Free - Citizens with a disability card with a degree equal to or greater than 60%

To redeem a discount, one of the following cards must be presented:

  • Senior;
  • Student;
  • Handicap

For more information, please read the guidelines present at the ticket office.

Aquarium Natural Swimming Pools

Located near the entrance of the village of Porto Moniz, these volcanic pools are one of the most popular attractions in Porto Moniz.

The pools are located close to other local attractions, such as the Madeira Aquarium, the Ciência Viva Centre and the Natural Swimming Pools.

The Cachalote natural swimming pools are located next to the Cachalote restaurant and are free of charge.


Ribeira da Janela Estuary

The Ribeira da Janela Estuary cannot be ignored.

This bathing area is located at the mouth of Ribeira da Janela, near a small freshwater lake and a camping site.

It has a solarium and toilets with showers, accessible from 9am to 7pm.

Access to the beach is permanent.

Clube Naval do Seixal Swimming Pools

In addition to the fantastic landscape, this pool has a solarium with lounge chairs for comfort, a bar, showers, and toilets.

You can also hire kayaks and diving equipment.

Free of charge between 10am and 7pm. This natural swimming pool is located within the Clube Naval do Seixal facility.

Porto de Abrigo do Seixal Beach

A black sand beach, with a considerable size and beautiful views of the north coast.

The beach boasts excellent water quality and is located next to the Clube Naval do Seixal, giving you access to the bar and the use of kayaks.

It also has a shower and toilet facilities, free of charge.

Poças das Lesmas Beach

An excellent beach destination located near Praia da Laje.

A calm and sheltered area with crystal clear waters that create an incredible scene.

There is a bar, toilets, and showers.

Access is free of charge.

Calhau das Achadas da Cruz

Lying at the base of a steep cliff, Calhau das Achadas da Cruz forms a small fajã where small plots of land, fertilised by the salty air, creep up the mountain side.

A newly developed footpath that crosses the area allows visitors to explore the tranquil spot in a safe and accessible way.

You can swim in some areas of the shingle beach where the sea is more accessible. Whether you decide to have a swim or simply stroll along the promenade, one thing is certain: you will find crystal clear waters while being surrounded by peace and quiet.

One curiosity about this area is that in November of 1909 a yacht named “Varuna” ran aground here. You can spot part of the boiler during low tide.