Free parking

The municipality of Porto Moniz has made about 70% of its parking spaces free of charge. In addition to being an incentive to visit, it is also the intention of the municipality to stimulate the flow of circulation and improve trade.

Paid parking

There are 144 paid parking spots within the village. Parking within the limited time spaces (blue lines) is subject to the payment of rates specified in the General Regulations and Table of Fees and Licences from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays parking in the village is free.


The Municipal Regulation governing municipal taxes defines the following rates:

  • Minimum rate – 0,20€;
  • Per hour – 0,80€;
  • Fractions of 15 minutes – 0,20€;
  • The maximum time is 2 hours and the total entered value converted into a parking time, the machine does not give any change.

Payment methods

Payment is made by inserting coins (euros) into parking metres in the limited duration parking system zone:

  • Enter the coins (€ 0.05 - € 2.00) corresponding to the desired parking time and confirm with the machines display;
  • Press the green button to issue the ticket or red button to cancel the operation;
  • Place the ticket in a visible manner inside the vehicle near the windshield;
  • Failure of payment - 100% increase in the daily rate.