Vereda da Terra Chã


Start / End

Seixal - Calheta






One way


8,8 Km


3h30min - 4h

Altitude Max / Min

1471m / 310m


Irregular / Sharp

Como Chegar

O ponto de partida do percurso que pretende efetuar encontra-se fixado no mapa abaixo. Por definição, o trajeto do mapa evidencia a rota a partir do centro da vila do Porto Moniz.

Para calcular o como chegar até o início da caminhada tendo por base outro local, basta inserir a sua localização, seguindo abaixo as indicações.

How to Arrive

Your starting point is defined on the map below. By default, the map always shows the route starting from the centre of the village of Porto Moniz.

To calculate how to arrive from a different starting point, simply enter the location and follow the indications below.

Как дойти

Ваша отправная точка определяется на карте ниже. По умолчанию карта всегда показывает маршрут, начиная от центра деревни Porto Moniz.

Для того чтобы рассчитать как дойти из другой отправной точки, просто переместите свое местоположение и следуйте новым указаниям.


Ihr Ausgangspunkt ist auf der unten gezeigten Karte markiert. Als Ausgangspunkt ist generell das Zentrum von Porto Moniz eingestellt.

Um eine anderen Startpunkt zu wählen, geben Sie einfach den entsprechenden Ort ein und befolgen die unten angegebene Beschreibung.

Comment y arriver

Le point de départ du parcours que vous choisissez de faire se trouve affiché dans le plan ci-dessous. En règle générale, le trajet du plan met en évidence le parcours à partir du centre de la Ville de Porto Moniz.

Pour voir comment arriver jusqu´au départ ayant pour base un autre lieu, il suffit d´introduire votre localisation, suivant les indications plus bas.

The route

This trail starts in Chão da Ribeira on the main road ER 221 and should only be done by experienced hikers with all the necessary equipment.

The first kilometre takes place on an irregular path that guides you through cowsheds and allotments covered in seasonal crops like cabbages and sweet potatoes.

Due to the abandonment of agricultural land, some allotments are now overgrown with exotic species like Ginger lily, Hydrangea, Eupatory and Pine Trees.

The beginning of the climb is well marked with a sign that indicates Sítio da Terra Chã - Paul da Serra. From there, the route is enveloped in endemic species, like the Canary laurel, the Madeira mahogany, the Lily of the Valley Tree and Tree Heather.

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GPS track

For your safety and convenience, the Municipality of Porto Moniz has provided the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracks. This way you can plan, visualise and organise in an objective manner the routes we have for you.

Make sure that you are physically able to do your desired walk and test the GPS file before going.