Responsible Tourism

Dear Visitor,

The Municipality of Porto Moniz is proud to be a region where the beauty of nature fits harmoniously with the environmental habits and sense of belonging of our population.

When visiting our county, take full advantage of all the facilities and places of interest that Porto Moniz has to offer. We thank you in advance for your attention and effort in keeping all the sites you visit in pristine condition for the next visitor to fully enjoy.

If you come across any anomalies, such as urban sanitation or inappropriate behaviour, please contact our services.

ZERO waste!

Protect Mother Nature. The formula is simple, act the same way as you would at home. After all, Mother Nature is home to all of us.

Whether you are out on a hike, visiting our numerous viewpoints or enjoying a family picnic, it is important to take all waste with you.

The municipality of Porto Moniz has various recycling bins located throughout its parishes.

Thank you for your sense of responsibility.

Open fires NEVER!

Many wildfires occur as a result of small campfires lit during walks and picnics.

Most people believe that they are in control of small fires but these often result in catastrophe. The reasons for this are varied and unexpected, like strong gusts of wind and the recurrence of poorly extinguished campfires.

To eliminate this threat, remember the motto: "Fire - NEVER!"

Pass this message along and educate those who do not follow the rules.

If you witness incorrect uses of fire, please contact the forest police or our services.


Much of our charm and rich biodiversity, awarded by UNESCO and Natura 2000, are the result of the hard work put into reforestation and careful preservation.

You are certain to relish in our wondrous Natural Heritage.

As similar as they may be to other species, our varieties have adapted to our territory, that does not indicate that they will adapt elsewhere.

Be an example and contribute to the maintenance of our biodiversity, keeping our endemic and native species intact.

Vandalism, NEVER!

Geological and natural heritage sites are often the canvas for sentimental markings and engravings. Although done without malice, these acts damage the natural beauty of our heritage.

Markings on trees and stones are very common, so much so that we forget that they are an act of vandalism.

The Municipality of Porto Moniz thanks you in advance for not participating in these acts. We ask that you acquaint the uninformed with the damage that is caused by the lack of preservation of our natural heritage classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Always CLOSE the tap at drinking fountains.

Porto Moniz has several drinking fountains throughout the county. Many of the fountains are centuries-old and are part of the built heritage.

If you use a drinking fountain, be mindful and do not waste water unnecessarily. Make sure the tap is well closed after use.