Levadas and Walking Routes
The Laurissilva Forest is in Porto Moniz.

Levadas and Walking Routes
The Laurissilva Forest is in Porto Moniz.

Welcome to the space that the Municipality of Porto Moniz has dedicated to all those that enjoy walking in nature.

We invite you to enjoy nearly 150 km of interaction with the lush Laurissilva forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As this is a free activity that deals directly with natural phenomena, Porto Moniz has prepared a Safety Guide that helps with mobility and management of the risks associated with hiking.

Be sure to read the guide and follow the recommendations.

Have a nice walk!

Safety Guide

1- Plane your route: before going out, check the weather forecast in detail and confirm that you have all the necessary equipment for your particular walk. Walking boots, poles and proper clothing are essential.

2- Review the datasheet that the Municipality of Porto Moniz has prepared for you and ensure that your chosen route is suitable to your physical capabilities.

3- Download the GPS tracks available and do not wander from the trail.

4- Always tell someone about your plans. We recommend that you inform the hotel reception or family members of your plans. Take the emergency numbers provided.

5- Make sure you have enough food and water for the desired route. On demanding walks make sure the food you take provides you with enough energy.

6- If your walk takes place at a high altitude, take note that fog may suddenly appear. Always carry warm clothing even if the weather seems pleasant. Keep in mind that as you ascend in altitude, microclimates become more frequent.

7- Waterfalls are common on most routes so take waterproof clothing with you. Do not attempt to run under them. Cross with care as the floor can be extremely slippery.

8- In choosing a walk with tunnels, make sure that, you have a decent torch and that the batteries are fully charged. The torch on your mobile phone may not be enough. There are four routes within Porto Moniz that require a torch.

9- It is common to lose mobile network signal, especially in enclosed valleys. Make sure you inform someone of your whereabouts. Do not neglect this point.


Civil Protection - 291 700 112

Emergêncy Number - 112