Porto Moniz

Area: 21 km²

Population: 1 668 inhabitants (2011 Census)

Population density: 81,0 inhabitants/km²

Municipal Headquarter


The parish of Porto Moniz is one of the oldest on the North coast.

The territory that later became the parish in 1572, is the area between Fajã do Porto Moniz and Ribeira da Janela, originally known as "Janela da Clara".

Two of the original names, Ponta do Tristão and Ribeira da Clara, originated Santa Maria da Madalena and Ribeira da Janela and Porto Moniz respectively.

Francisco Moniz "o Velho" is widely regarded as one of the first settlers.Married to Zarco's great-granddaughter, the Algarve native owned a considerable amount of land. Moniz established this important settlement along with the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição which remains to this day the patron saint of the parish and municipality.The name of the parish is an homage to its first settler.

The parish is made up of the following places: Vila Junqueira, Levada Grande, Lamaceiros, Ribeirinho, Batalhão, Santa, Pico Alto, Pombais, and Fazenda.


Blue background with a silver phoenix and three stars that invoke the memory of Tristão Vaz captain of Machico.

Economic Activities

Agriculture, services, trade, hospitality, tourism, baking, construction, wood processing, livestock, crafts (tapestries and ironwork).


Santa Maria Madalena (22nd July)

N. Sra. da Conceição (8th December)

N. Sra. do Monte (15th August)

Festa do Senhor (variable day in August)

Heritage and points of interest

Church of Santa Maria Madalena

Parish Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição

Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Monte (Lamaceiros)

Natural Swimming Pools



Clube Cultural e Desportivo de Porto Moniz

Casa do Povo

Grupo Folclórico da Casa do Povo


Junta de Freguesia do Porto Moniz
Sítio da Santa
9270-093 Porto Moniz
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+351 291 853 153
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